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What is a Builder’s Report? 18 Nov 2016

A sale and purchase agreement on a property you maybe planning to buy or sell should contain a ‘Builder’s Report’ or ‘Building Inspection Report’ clause. Essentially the report should tell you the current condition of the house and other buildings on the property. But more specifically it needs to cover “Significant Defects” and “Significant Maintenance”. These are the important things a purchaser needs to know about the property. Here is a list of defects we commonly find and the type of issues that should be identified if present during a builders report;


Significant Defects


Borer damage to floor framing, wall and roof framing. Borer is a serious issue that eventually causes structural damage. If not already. Floors become springy and unsound as the strength of the structural members is reduced by tunnelling effects of the borer. Houses built prior to 1960 are commonly affected by borer.

Significant Maintenance


Who should be providing Builders Report?


Thermal Imaging and Moisture Scanning Services

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