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Specialist Investigation

Leaky building assessments

Do you own a leaky building or are you interested in purchasing a building that might have leaky issues? Property Check offers the following services:

Express Weathertightness Report
A visual inspection using moisture scanners and qualified weathertightness assessors to assess the weathertightness risks and provide guidance on the way forward.

Invasive Testing
Identify weathertightness risks and carry out probe testing into the framing to determine moisture contents and soundness of the timber. Provide guidance on the likely extent of the leaks.

Destructive Testing
Includes invasive probe testing to determine areas that are likely to be damaged by mould and timber decay. Further testing is then carried out by cutting into the cladding to identify the extent of damage. A report is produced that will provide you with the required repair strategy and detailed report on the results of testing, defects and remedial work required.

Leaky Shower Checks and Investigations

Leaky showers are very common in New Zealand houses – both new and old.  Why is this? Modern showers rely heavily on sealants and membranes and often the installation of those crucial components are not done correctly, or some case not done at all.  The first signs of leaky showers is often swollen or deformed skirting boards near your shower.  This may be on either side of the wall.  If you have a tiled shower then signs of failure include cracks in the grout and/or a build-up of mould which keeps reoccurring after cleaning.

Leaky showers are often expensive to fix and usually require full replacement of the cubicle and sometimes includes framing replacement.  Damage to underlying framing rapidly gets worse if the problem is not identified early and the cost esculates.

Call Property Check if you suspect you have a leaky shower or would like your shower checked for signs of leaks.  We have special equipment and expertise to identify if your shower has  leaky issues, or to find out what the extent of damage might be.

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Defective building work assessments & reports

Are you unhappy or doubtful about the quality of your building work, or do you just want to make sure it is what you thought you were getting? Property Check offers the following services:

  • Building work assessment
  • Site inspection and investigation of building work and materials to provide evidence of issues and defects
  • Detailed report on the issues
  • Expert Witness
Registered Building Surveyor

Call to speak with a Building Surveyor for a no obligation free consultation to discuss your requirements.

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