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Expert Witness Services

Being able to rely on objective expert advice when trying to resolve a dispute is a huge relief for all parties involved in the dispute.

Darin Devanny is an expert in the construction and condition of residential buildings and understands the challenges faced by building companies meeting clients’ expectations and consumers wanting their dream home built.

Darin has extensive experience in attending legal proceedings and working with lawyers to prepare for disputes.

  1. From the consumer’s point of view a construction company may not have delivered the quality of construction anticipated by the consumer and the building has defects which casts a shadow of doubt over the construction and quality of their new home.


  1. From the construction company’s point of view the client has unrealistic expectations of what the build quality should be or could even be achieved, or perhaps the client has changed their minds on things which have created complications and issues.

From our experience in building disputes, there are always two sides to the story and an expert witness can provide a level approach to assist in resolving the dispute by foreseeing the other parties’ potential arguments. We are preparing our client to get the arguments across clearly and concisely with a good insight to the likely outcomes. It is this insight to likely outcomes based on our extensive experience that ensures that less time and money will be spent on an argument that has little merit, and more time spent on the matters that are likely to provide a positive outcome.

Contact Darin Devanny to assist with an Expert Witness role in relation to:

  • Minor disputes to assist with an outcome between parties or prepare for the Disputes Tribunal.
  • An Expert Witness role in a dispute to assist lawyers in preparing for legal proceedings.
  • The Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal.
  • Expert Witness for Weathertightness related issues.
Expert Witness Services

Contact us to speak with a Expert Withess for a no obligation free consultation to discuss your requirements.


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