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Pre purchase house inspections - Buying
Pre purchase house inspections - Specialist
Pre purchase house inspections - Underfloor
Pre purchase house inspections - Building

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale House Inspections

We offer a choice of two independent quality pre-purchase or pre-sale property inspection reports.

Detailed Report from $850.00 incl GST* Express Report from $575.00 incl GST* P.O.A. for commercial properties.
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Please note that we require payment prior to the report being produced.
What is included?Detailed ReportExpress Report
Significant Faults & Defects**
Minor Defects***
Maintenance Predictions (i.e. painting, moss removal, cleaning spouting/gutters...)
Detailed Site Inspection
Moisture Scanning for Leaks
Drainage Testing
Floor Coverings
Appliances (visual inspection)
Photos in Report
Preliminary Floor Level Checks
Compliant with NZS4306 (Residential Property Inspections)

Pre-purchase or pre-sale property inspection cancellation fee –$90.00. Please be aware that by accepting our terms of engagement, you will incur a non-refundable $90.00 (GST inclusive) booking fee. *Additional costs to standard fees include: • More than 1 storey = $50.00 incl. GST • Floor void (house on piles) = $ 50.00 incl. GST ** Significant Defects – A matter that requires substantial repair or urgent maintenance. *** Minor Defects – A matter which, in view of the age, type or condition of the building does not require substantial repairs or urgent attention and rectification and which could be attended to during normal maintenance. Due to the varying extent of concealment, obscurity and personal opinion it is likely that not all minor defects will be identified in the report. Independent Inspection – A pre purchase property report based on Property Check’s opinion on the condition of the property without any other person or company’s influence on the content of the report or the method of reporting.

The Express Report or the Detailed Report?

Both pre purchase property reports provide you with information when buying a home on any significant defects and maintenance issues that you can rely on. The Express Report is a very simple and effective report that focuses on just the significant defects and significant maintenance. It is quick to read and will include clear photos and descriptions of the issues identified. The Detailed Report is designed for our clients who also want more information on minor defects (for example – broken handles, damage to wall linings), longer maintenance plans (such as – when the roof may need painting) and much more detail including a list of each item and their respective materials inspected and more detailed explanations with more photos.

Why choose Property Check for pre purchase property reports, builder’s reports and building condition reports?