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Why Choose Property Check

Because we are weathertightness experts. Banks accept our reports.

So you can rely on our pre-purchase property reports being accurate and honest.

Professional & Qualified
Registered Building Surveyors, suitably trained inspectors through the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors and the Pre-purchase core training modules.

Back up & Support
Support staff and inspectors that are always happy to help.

We get it right, so you can get it right
So you can move ahead with confidence and rest assured.

Pre-purchase property reports is our sole focus. Therefore we know what to look for and have a long history (since 1996) of providing quality reports based on years of experience.

About Us

Since 1996, Property Check has provided reports on residential and commercial properties in Christchurch, Canterbury and Marlborough. We are qualified building surveyors that are members of the ‘NEW ZEALAND INSTITUTE OF BUILDING SURVEYORS’. This means we have up-to-date skills and knowledge to provide building reports that you can rely on and therefore be rest assured we have got it right.  We can investigate any property top to bottom for defective building work, weathertightness, drainage issues and for any recent or historic earthquake damage. With our speciality being in investigating properties for pre-purchase or pre-sale it matters to us that we give the right information to you so you can move ahead with confidence. Our reports are clear, straightforward, informative and use plain English whilst also explaining in detail the significant issues so you can understand what to expect from your property.


NZ Insitute of Building Surveyors
Meet the team
Darin Devanny Managing Director

Darin is Christchurch based. He has 20 years building surveying experience with over 30 Years in building and administration, providing leadership and quality control, Darin has a Diploma in Building Surveying. He is also a Member of New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors; a Certified Weathertightness Assessor; and a Registered Independent Qualified Person (IQP) with over 17 years of building surveying experience.

HADES / KORE Underfloor Specialist

Our custom built ‘underfloor robot’ measure in at just 200 mm high.
A specialist at inspecting floor voids and reaching places where humans can’t go. High definition video and still camera imagery records what it finds.

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